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Among many topics of law, Reidar Hammond also specializes in living wills and advance healthcare directives. These are oral or written legal instructions about how you prefer to be cared for in case you become unable to make such decisions yourself. These directives include instructions that can guide your family and healthcare providers about what to do in case you become terminally sick, you fall into a coma or you get into whatever kind of medical situation where you can’t decide in real-time what you’d prefer to be the medical approach to your condition. You don’t have to worry about your family and your doctor not getting along about what to do with you medically. With an advance healthcare directive, there’s no confusion and you retain control over everything.

Healthcare directives aren’t only for elderly people. Accidents that can render you unable to make medical decisions can happen at any age. Therefore, if you’re an adult, you need a living will or a healthcare directive to ensure your wishes are carried out. And if you’re located in and around Springfield, MO, Reidar Hammond is the attorney to call.

With more than three decades of legal experience, Reidar has drafted and executed more than his share of these directives. Not only is he skilled in the legal aspect of this matter, but he’s extremely discreet as well. Moreover, he has a way of making everyone feel comfortable despite such a difficult situation. You can rest assured that with Reidar Hammond handling the matter for you, you’re in good and capable hands. And your family will feel the same way too.

So if you need to prepare a living will or a healthcare directive, don’t look far. Choose Reidar Hammond. Call for a free consultation today!

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