Get a Fresh Start With an Expungement

Get a Fresh Start With an Expungement

Talk to an expungement lawyer in Springfield, MO

One mistake doesn't have to ruin the rest of your life. An expungement lawyer can potentially clear your record. Residents in Springfield, MO and the surrounding area, including Ozark, trust Reidar Hammond, Lawyer when they want a criminal record expunged. We'll review the details of your situation, ensure you qualify for expungement and then fight to get you a clean record again.

Whether you've been charged with drug or a DUI, our expungement lawyer can help you. Call 417-720-4321 now to schedule a consultation with a drug, property damage or DUI expungement lawyer.

Who has access to your criminal record?

A criminal record can seriously impact your life for years to come. Your criminal record can be viewed in Springfield, MO by...

  • Future landlords
  • College admission boards
  • Future employers

Keep your criminal record from tarnishing your reputation by getting help from an expungement lawyer.