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Are you involved in a burglary case and need a good and reliable lawyer to represent you? As long as you’re located in and around Springfield, MO, you don’t have to worry. Reidar Hammond can take your case.

Reidar Hammond has more than 30 years of legal experience. He specializes in criminal defense. And all the years he’s been a lawyer in this area, he has handled more than his share of burglary cases. But make no mistake about it. Reidar has a reputation for being a staunch advocate of the law. When he handles a criminal defense case, he makes sure the defendant is properly represented. He makes sure he stands for the defendant’s rights. But most of all, he knows the law. And when it comes to burglary defense cases, no one has a better track record than Reidar Hammond. In fact, not only clients seek Reidar’s advice. Even his fellow lawyers occasionally consult with him on burglary and other criminal defense cases.

For Reidar, each client deserves their day in court. Regardless of public opinion, the accused should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. And even when proven guilty, a defendant deserves a commensurate penalty. Moreover, a defendant deserves every opportunity for rehabilitation. That’s the kind of lawyer Reidar Hammond is. And that’s the kind of lawyer you get when you hire him.

So if you’re facing burglary charges, do yourself a favor and call the best burglary defense lawyer in town. Call Reidar Hammond for a free consultation today!

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