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Being accused of a crime is no cakewalk. Usually, you’re judged by the court of public opinion even before you go to court. This can be especially true if you’re accused of a serious crime. Sometimes, your family and friends may stop speaking to you. In addition, it may be hard to find a lawyer who will believe your story. But Reidar Hammond isn’t your average lawyer.

Reidar has three decades of experience as a criminal defense attorney under his belt. Since graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder in 1989, he’s gained a reputation as a fierce advocate on the courtroom floor. In fact, he’s taken 50 cases to a jury trial. And that includes four murder cases. Reidar doesn’t judge his clients – he represents them. He’s a staunch supporter who will have your back regardless of the situation. Additionally, he recognizes that you’re more than just a court case. You’re a person. As a result, he’ll treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.

When you hire Reidar, you’re hiring an honest, hardworking lawyer. He’ll always give you the one-on-one time that you deserve. He’ll fight hard to help you win your case. In addition, he’ll always prioritize your privacy. And he’ll always tell you the truth about your case, no matter how hard it may be.

Reidar believes passionately in defending the falsely accused. As a result, he has never worked as a prosecutor. And he never will.

But that’s not all Reidar can take care of for you. In addition, he can help you take care of your estate planning. As a thirty-year veteran in the legal field, he can give expert estate planning advice. Therefore, if you need a will, trust, power of attorney, or other documents, he can help you draft them quickly and inexpensively. So don’t wait. Your legal problems won’t go away if you ignore them. Instead, contact attorney Reidar Hammond today and schedule your free consultation.

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